Jazz Only Vinyl Sessions

Sept. 9, 2019 - WOW! If you were not there, you missed it.


Another Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. A little crisp, but a nice day to be out and about and enjoying the day. AND, to be at Sotto DC for a fantastic Jazz Only vinyl session. Our Jazz Only sessions have taken a turn and just got deeper. For me, the greatest thing about the sessions are the people who attend. We had new and customary guests. YOU and Your Music are what makes the session.

Much thanks go out to Zach McGant, our DJ and to Sotto for their hospitality. Great spot for our listening needs. Zach set up the room with a microphone and I think it made people want to talk. Which was a good thing. Each selection had interesting introductions by the presenters. 

We started off the set with a relative unknown artist Kiefer with Memories of You. Followed by:

Alone Together - Eric Dolphy

Sermonette - Milt Jackson

Things A’int What They Use to Be - Dave Brubeck

Along the Nile - Ahmad Jamal

Pavane For Dead Princess - Deodato

After the end of each song, we got into around the room discussions about the artist and/or the music. What I was the beginning notice was the variation in jazz music styles from song to song. That’s when we began discussions around categories of jazz. We had a display screen attached to a laptop. I anticipated this and showed a list and meanings of some Jazz categories;

Acid Jazz,           Avant-Garde Jazz 

Bebop,                 Big Band/Swing 

Blue Note,          Contemporary Jazz 

Cool,                     Crossover Jazz 

Dixieland,             Ethio-jazz 

Fusion,                 Gypsy Jazz 

Hard Bop,             Latin Jazz 

Mainstream Jazz,  Ragtime 

Smooth Jazz,       Straight-Ahead Jazz 

Trad Jazz 

And there are MANY more. If you delve into the meaning of each, there is a distinct difference. The comments were heavy.

Back To The Music - 

Horn of Life - Horace Silver

Revelation - Doug Carn

Silvers Serenade - Horace Silver

I’ll Be Good to You - Brothers Johnson

Compared to What - Les McCann & Eddie Harris

Touch - John Klemmer

We continued discussions around each selection. 

Educating, Entertaining, Engaging, Enjoyable, Edifying. 

Before we ended, I recognized and welcomed two new official members to the Vinyl Listening Lounge Club: Mindore Green and Dr. Nick Johnson. It was a good session. 

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Be sure to join us on Nov. 9, from 3:00 to 6:00 pm at Provost Restaurant in NE, DC



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