Welcome to the Vinyl Listening Lounge Club


The Vinyl Listening Lounge Club (VinylLLC) is a group of vinyl lovers who decide the direction and vibe of the club. The VinylLLC was launched officially on March 19, 2016 in Silver Spring, MD. The intent is to create a franchise brand whereby Vinyl Listening Lounge Club listeners in cities all over the globe will come together for  exciting vinyl listening experiences and form everlasting relationships while enjoying great music and getting to know the artist.

The keys behind Vinyl LLC are;

- the vinyl selections,

- the atmosphere,

- the session theme,

- the artists/musicians,

- the conversations and laughs,

- new friendships,

- and of course you

The basic premise behind VinylLLC is “It’s All About the Music, On Vinyl”

Members can decide ahead of time what the theme of the next event will be. Members and guests bring  a few of their favorite record albums, introduce a few selections and we discuss the music, the artist, the theme, re-experience the times, have laughs, dance, if you feel it, and just vibe on the sound.   

Vinyl LLC is designed so that the vibe and character of the listening events are developed over a series of listening sessions based on the attendees, the artists, the music genre and associated conversations. The objective is to have fun and enjoyment whereby members will want to attend again and will want to share the events with others.

​The location is also vital whereby all members feel relaxed in a setting that may have food and drink and lends itself as an comfortable inviting environment.


You have questions, I have answers. 

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